Unisys has launched Stealth for Mobile, part of the company's Stealth suite of security products, to tap into the growing BYOD trend among enterprises.

Stealth for Mobile uses data cloaking and encryption techniques to help organisations mitigate cybersecurity attacks by making devices, data and end users virtually invisible on the network, and allowing access and communication only between authorised users.

The new solution combines Unisys Stealth technology with application wrapping security software, Mocana MAP, that allows users to define specific security policies on a per-mobile application basis.

It then adds a layer of identity-based security that gives users access and visibility rights to only the assets within the data centre they are entitled to.

APAC cybersecurity program manager, Paul Head-McNeil, said the strategy was based on embracing existing technology.

"The fundamental part is we are not trying to change people's investments in the mobile infrastructure side. We want to extend the capability into the datacentre and provide security. We do this with the stealth for mobile software which provides a brokerage between the data centre and the device," he said.

Stealth for Mobile requires the presence of Stealth in the datacentre network. Licences can be purchased per-user and used across multiple devices.