Tenable network security\all on tenable has partnered with ThreatGRID to provide its newest source of security threat analytics.

The security provider said the integration of the crowd-sourced platform enhances its library of known threats from the industry's top 25 antivirus vendors, improves accuracy and reduces the time to detect advanced malware that bypass traditional security controls.

Tenable said the addition of ThreatGRID's securely crowd-sourced intelligence gives its customers a high-impact edge to stay ahead of advanced threats. In particular, the solution is said to enhance customers' ability to detect persistent malware, finding systems that have been infected even when the malware is dormant during time of audit.

Tenable network security chief executive, Ron Gula, said as the firm adds new sources of threat intelligence, it looks to help customers make fast, smart risk decisions that protect organisations from threats that bypass point security product deployments..

"Our integration with ThreatGRID brings important crowdsourced intelligence into our platform."

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The firm said its system allows customers to analyse running processes to detect suspicious and malicious processes on physical and virtual operating systems; identify devices on the network communicating with known botnets and CnC servers; highlight complex threats, trojans, botnets and other sophisticated malware; discover configuration files that were altered by malware; monitor registry settings for signs of compromise; and audit AV tools to ensure they are operational and up-to-date with the latest protection.

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