UK mobile carrier and broadband ISP Orange has been identified as the worst UK ISP for spam attacks, with nonsense, offensive, obscene and money-scamming spam making up a mighty 97 per cent of all emails sent to its customers’ in-boxes. Other ISPs, however, weren’t too far behind.

Anti-spam service ClearMyMail makes the claim in its quarterly spamming index for Q2 2008.

Top 10 worst UK ISPs for spam

1. Orange (96.63% of emails received are spam)

2. Mistral Internet (94.36%)

3. Toucan (93.71%)

4. Homecall (92.85%)

5. UK Servers (89.18%)

6. BT Internet (88.90%)

7. Force 9 (88.65%)

8. Pipex (87.73%)

9. Tiscali (82.07%)

10. Clara (81.95%)

It also claims that the average amount of spam blocked per customer for the second three months of the year has quadrupled since Q1, with more than 10,000 spam emails blocked per customer every month.

The breakdown also reveals that the Royal Bank of Scotland is the main company targeted by phishing attacks. On top of this, the UK is now guilty of being the main source of phishing attacks.