The Parental Advisory logo which is displayed on CDs and DVDs and alerts Brits to content that contains explicit lyrics or scenes, has been expanded to cover digital downloads.

Online retailers Amazon, HMV, Napster UK, eMusic, 7digital and Tesco, along with music-video site Vevo, are among those that have agreed to display the logo and a link to the official Parental Advisory website, which offers information for parents about preventing kids from accessing content considered offensive or unsuitable. Apple's iTunes has been using the logo for some time already.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI, told the Telegraph: "We know that the parental advisory logo on CDs and DVDs has been a useful tool for parents, offering them a simple means of identifying music content that may not be suitable for their children".

"We believe that parents need the same guidance when their children are downloading or streaming songs or videos online, so we have extended the logo to digital music services. Our new website gives parents the details they need."