Orange has announced it will not use the controversial advertising system Phorm.

The mobile operator and ISP said some customers have privacy concerns over the service, which tracks online surfing habits in order to target advertising.

"As a network provider, we are very close to our customers and, as a result, are trusted with their personal information. We take this responsibility extremely seriously and it is our policy to be clear and transparent on how this data can be used, without compromising privacy. However, we are open to finding new ways of using data that will provide value to our customers and to advertisers alike," Orange said.

Orange uses a similar targeted behavioural advertising service from Revenue Science but vice president for Orange online advertising Paul-Francois Fournier was keen to stress that this was to anaylse traffic on its own website.

Fournier told ZDNet: "In line with the online industry, we work with behavioural-targeting specialist Revenue Science to study anonymous usage trends on our own portal. This is not related to our ISP customers in any way, and helps us to serve more relevant advertising to our portal users".

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