Lookout Mobile Security has launched Mobile Threat Tracker, a new app for devices running Google Android that allows you to see the latest security issues.

As well as offering a globe that features thousands of sparks of light, indicating Lookout users, the app also offers the top three trending threats. Simply tapping the name of the threat provides more information about it, ensuring mobile users can quickly become clued up about the dangers that face them

"This app should answer some of the questions we get all the time: 'Are there really mobile threats?' 'How many mobile threats are there?' 'What are the most common mobile threats?'" the security software firm said in a blog.

For example, according to the app, this week's top threat, RuPaidMarket masquerades as a useful app, but actually sends premium sms messages without allowing you to opt out, or letting you know that you will be charged.

Furthermore, Lookout said the data is updated hourly so smartphone users can see mobile threats appear and disappear overtime.

"It's pretty cool to hear how Lookout has saved the day for our users by finding their lost or stolen phone, backing up their precious data, or blocking them from downloading a malicious app," said Yuri from Lookout Mobile Security who created the app.

"I thought it would be interesting to build an application showing the many threats that Lookout detects across the world, telling the story of these individual users at a macro level. This was the genesis for the Mobile Threat Tracker."

The app, which is free, can be downloaded from the Android Market now.