With Christmas only a few days a way, most businesses will be shutting down for a holiday break at the close of business today. It should be a time of peace and relaxationa time to reflect on the year that has slipped away, and to envision goals for the year to come. But, it seems a majority of IT admins and security professionals will still be losing sleep over potential cyber attacks.

nCircle, an information risk and security management company, commissioned a survey of 270 IT security and business professionals. It asked a range of questions around information security risks and practices, and the breakdown of the results is interesting.

Lets start with the big question: Are you concerned that your company may be more vulnerable to attack during major holidays such as Christmas and New Years? Overall, nearly six in ten answered, No. But, when you break the responses down, it turns out that business stakeholders are less concerned, but 61 percent of information security professionals said, Yes.

The perception of impending doom is largely unfounded, according to Andrew Storms, director IT security operations for nCircle. Maybe its just cyber-attack PTSD?

Storms explains, In spite of the increase in malware and viruses around every major holiday, attacks can happen anytime, adding, You cant build a good security program overnight, but if you already have one in place youre probably just as safe on Christmas as you are any other day of the year.

That isnt the only question in the nCircle survey, though. Less than 40 percent of IT security professionals rank information security and privacy among the most important criteria for evaluating business partners or vendors. It seems like that should be a higher priority for IT security professionals, but whats even sadder is that its only important to 13 percent of business stakeholders.

Almost a quarter of IT security professionals consider Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to be important, but among business professionals SLAs got a big, fat zero. When asked how confident they are that the security in place is sufficient to protect sensitive business data, a majority indicated that they are confidentbut 26 percent are either unsure, or concerned.

Rest easy, IT security professionals. If youve put the pieces into place that should be there to protect your company the rest of the year, the holiday break shouldnt really be any different. If you havent, well then, sleep with one eye open.