Google has been forced to pull a number of images from its Street View service, which launched in the UK yesterday, following a number of complaints.

Street View is an add-on to Google Maps and Google Earth which offers photographs of 22,369 miles of UK streets in 25 cities including London, Leeds and Manchester. It was first launched in the US in May 2007.

The search engine offers a 'report a concern' button underneath every image, which users can click if they feel an image is inappropriate. This flags up the image to Google.

It appears a number of web users felt the need to use the button, resulting in the removal of images of a man wearing antlers being sick outside a pub and people being arrested.

Laura Scott from Google told the BBC: "We've got millions of images, so the percentage removed was very small. The fact there are now gaps [in Street View] shows how responsive we are".

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