Mozilla has released a new patch for its Firefox web browser ahead of schedule.

The software company had originally expected to release a patch designed to fix a password bug affecting some users this week. However it actually went live on Friday last week, according to Mike Beltzner, Firefox's director

Last Wednesday, just a day after Mozilla upgraded Firefox to 3.0.2 to patch 11 security vulnerabilities and address other stability issues, Beltzner announced that another update would be necessary to fix a newly-introduced flaw.

After updating to Firefox 3.0.2, some users were unable to call up passwords or save any new site passwords, Beltzner said. Firefox 3.0.3 contained only the change to the browser's password manager.

The quick turnaround - Mozilla said that it issued the revised 3.0.3 within 72 hours of discovering the regression error - is among the fastest for the open-source developer.