Cogito Group has signed a reseller agreement with Palo Alto Networks.

The Canberra-based reseller said it partnered with the network security vendor because it offers a more sophisticated level of threat detection.

Cogito Group chief executive, Richard Brown, said the shape of border protection is changing. He attributed this to the increasing level of complexity in attacks and the need for more elaborate packet inspection.

"As a result a traditional port based firewall can no longer be relied on to protect networks." "The Palo Alto Networks enterprise security platform fits in perfectly with Cogito Group's commitment to providing its customers with dynamic innovative solutions that protect against a wide array of security threats. "Using application based firewalling enables companies to have full control over what can be accessed and who can access resources internal and external to the company. "The use of the enterprise security platform of Palo Alto Networks dramatically reduces the risk of a breach to both your network and your data."

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