If you don't want to fork out for an all-in-one security suite then fear not. We've rounded up the best free apps available online to help you create your own inexpensive PC security system.

When it comes to PC security, you can either fork out for an all-in-one suite that covers every base, or you can trawl the net to find the various free apps that fit together to make your own inexpensive security suite. But let's face it, who actually has the time to do that?

Well, we do. We've trawled the web and come up with the best free programmes that fit together to create your own security suite. We tested the following applications on Windows XP; not all of them work under Vista, but we've suggested replacements that you can consider if you're on the newer OS.

Bear in mind that these downloads are free only for home use.

Your antivirus base

For our free collection we went with AVG Free 8.0. It installs easily, and it works under Windows XP and Vista. The ads for its paid version don't get in the way, and since it ferrets out spyware and adware, you don't need to install a separate antispyware program. Also, it generally does well in signature-based detection tests from organisations such as AV-Test.org (those tests typically evaluate the paid product, but the free and paid versions use the same signature-based scanner).

AVG Free does have some limitations: although the app will detect and block rootkits (stealth technology used to hide other malware) before they invade your PC, it won't detect or remove a rootkit that has already successfully infiltrated your computer. Furthermore, its ability to detect new threats that don't yet have a full signature generally isn't that great.

But hey, it's free. When you install it, you'll be prompted to install a browser toolbar, but you don't need to do so to get AVG's LinkScanner feature, which checks for attack code on web search results and puts a safety indicator icon next to each one.

If you use AVG, be aware of one potential gotcha: The free ThreatFire malware detection utility seems like a great pairing, since ThreatFire does a fine job of detecting new malware without a signature and also detects and removes rootkits. But the current version, 3.5, conflicts with AVG and will cause system lockups. PC Tools, maker of ThreatFire, says that it's working on a fix, but for now you should avoid using the two together.

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