The Biometrics Institute has announced the launch of its international privacy charter, with the document set to be released next week in Canberra.

Biometrics Institute general manager, Isabelle Moeller, said the guide will provide hands on information to the public about how to follow best practice privacy principals.

"This biometrics privacy charter has been designed by the Biometrics Institute to provide a universal guide for suppliers, end users, managers and purchasers of biometric systems," Moeller said.

"It is the public's assurance that the biometric managers have followed best practice privacy principles when designing, implementing and managing biometric-based projects."

The charter, intended to be adaptable to different regions and jurisdictions, takes a variety of legislative and administrative frameworks into account, while recognising that biometrics and IT connect across national boundaries and borders.

The Institute, earlier this year, released survey results that showed there has been an increase in the number of people who accept biometrics' growing role in society.

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