Members of the hacker collective Anonymous claim they have stolen about 14,000 user passwords and 8,000 credit card numbers from, a military and law enforcement equipment retailer. The data breach occurred several months ago, according to Anonymous, but the group only now decided to post the data online. The purloined password list had reportedly been posted online several weeks ago as well.

A Twitter account associated with Anonymous has posted a screenshot of an e-mail from dated Dec. 15 admitting to the data breach. The purported e-mail confirms that Anonymous obtained customer usernames, passwords, and possibly encrypted credit card information. The e-mail advises customers that all passwords were blocked as a security precaution to prevent misuse of user accounts. was unavailable for comment, and attempts to contact purported victims of the Anonymous hack were unsuccessful.

Anonymous members were apparently motivated to attack because, the hackers believe, the site's customers are largely "military and law enforcement affiliated individuals." The attack on is part of a larger Anonymous hacking campaign called LulzXmas. The campaign included the recent attack on Stratfor Global Intelligence, a think tank focused on international security issues. In that attack, Anonymous was able to obtain more than 53,000 client e-mail addresses as well as credit card numbers and other personal information. Stratfor's website has been down since the attack over the Christmas weekend. Anonymous describes LulzXmas as weeklong hacking campaign targeting sites related to global finance, militaries and governments.

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