Businesses have increased their spending on secure data communications technologies and have undertaken significant work to improve their internal processes to benefit security, according to an annual survey of IT network and systems administrators.

In a report to be published on 23 May, Amplitude Research will detail what it claims to be a "breakthrough" shift among IT administrators, specifically with regards to respondents' perceptions of their companies' willingness to throw money at securing data communications.

Beyond expanding budgets, a significant portion of the 300 IT workers participating in the Amplitude survey indicated that their companies are upgrading to newer remote access technologies and considering upgrades to Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system to take advantage of expanded security features.

According to the report, which is in its fourth year, IT budgets have taken a dramatic turn since early 2006 with roughly 63 percent of the administrators who responded to the survey indicating that they are satisfied with the amount of money their companies are spending on information security in 2007.


In last year's report, only 49 percent of respondents said they were comfortable with their employers' current level of security investments.

Overall, improving security for remote access remained one of the top areas of concern for administrators responding to the survey with 47 percent ranking the issue among their leading three priorities for 2007.

Patching systems with software bulletins (42 percent) and keeping virus definitions up to date (45 percent) ranked as other leading causes for concern, along with monitoring for intrusions (40 percent).