When it comes to security in IT, not a week goes by without a major discovery. We look at several stories that have cropped up recently to reveal the ongoing challenges invlved in protecting systems and data.

US setting sites on countries harbouring cyber criminals

The US is attempting to pass a law that would require it to identify countries providing cyber crime safe havens and institute trading penalties.

This isn't exactly new, as I know the US Bush administration threatened something similar with Nigeria over all the Nigerian spam letters - although I don't know the eventual outcome of that particular instance. Meanwhile, Nigerian-orientated spam seems to continue unabated.

Still, I'm happy to see this proposed legislation.

Countries need to be held accountable for permitting bad internet behaviour to continue without repercussions.

I'm not talking about taking punitive actions against countries that appear to be the source of large amounts of cyber crime but we do need to make sure that countries at least have laws that make cyber crime illegal and assist other victim countries in the prosecution where evidence has been legally presented.

Unfortunately, if the past is any indicator, this type of bill will probably take years to pass - and when it does, it will be significantly watered down. Hopefully, history won't repeat itself.

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