Acronis has added Microsoft Active Directory to Backup and Recovery 11.5 to deliver comprehensive protection for all SMB platforms.

The extra support of Microsoft Active Directory secures the backbone of an SMB's IT infrastructure, as thousands of business critical applications rely on it to authenticate and authorise users.

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Acronis APAC sales director, Simon Howe, said in the event of downtime, companies freeze to a halt without Active Directory, and users within the domain can lose access to email, shared files, and their Windows computers.

"The effects are devastating for an SMB," he said.

"Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 for Active Directory quickly recovers the Active Directory domain controller, along with the operating system and data, so SMBs continue to function without skipping a beat."

It takes a snapshot of the entire disk to recover the whole system, including the Active Directory database.

This disk imaging technology enables SMBs to recover to multiple platforms and dissimilar hardware, ensuring SMBs can get all their data and applications back in a shorter time and a simpler way.

IDC analyst, Robert Amatruda, said it was critical for SMBs to have a single backup solution for their servers and applications, including Active Directory, to ensure that essential business-critical applications can be restored quickly if needed.

With a common user interface for all systems, it also removes the need for a specialised IT team and dedicated human resources to manage backups, according to Acronis.

It supports both physical and virtual environments, Window and Linux servers, and Microsoft applications.