A third of all laptop thefts take place at people's homes, says Absolute Software.

Research by the developer of tracking software, in conjunction with YouGov, revealed that the UK had more home thefts than in France, where 22 percent of laptop thefts occurred in the home, the US (18 percent) and Germany (17 percent).

The survey also revealed that 24 percent of laptop thefts involve systems taken from cars, while eight percent take place on public transport. Just two percent are stolen from coffee shops and airports.

Dave Everitt, from Absolute Software, said: "This research will surprise some laptop owners, who often only think about security issues when they are on the move. Owners need to be extra cautious when leaving devices home alone."

Everitt said there is a range of security measures that laptop owners can take, from simply locking their laptop in a secure location to installing software that enables personal files to be remotely deleted, tracked and even recovered.

"With the amount of sensitive information now being stored on laptops and subsequent identity theft, personal security can not be compromised."

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