More than half (56 percent) of smartphone owners have lost or had their handset stolen, says AVG.

According to the security firm's Lost in Transit survey, 31 percent of laptop owners have also admitted to having lost or had their device stolen. Furthermore, 90 percent of lost or stolen devices are never recovered.

AVG said 13 percent of smartphones are lost during the festive period while 14 percent admitted to being 'intoxicated' when their phone was lost or stolen. Furthermore, nearly two thirds (62 percent) of those who had experienced the loss of theft of a device said they were either busy or distracted when their laptop or smartphone went missing while 42 percent of those with a smartphone that was lost or stolen admitted the device was not password protected, subsequently giving thieves easy access to all of their personal information

AVG advised gadget-owners consumers to take extra precautions to protect their devices during the festive period, as these are the times people are most likely to

"The holidays are a joyous time of year and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a missing smartphone or tablet – especially since those devices hold a wealth of valuable finance, travel and other sensitive personal information," said JR Smith, CEO of AVG.

"We form tight, intimate bonds with our mobile devices because they bring us closer to the things we love most in life. In a way, they allow us to bring our lives with us no matter where we go – our loved ones, our music, our work, our passions. It's no wonder we're filled with an astonishing sense of loss when our digital companions are suddenly gone."

The security firm urged smartphone and laptop owners to designate a specific place (such as an inside jacket pocket) where you always keep the device and ensure it in that sport every time you leave the house or the office. Furthermore, stay alert, be aware of your surroundings and ensure your device is password protected.