A  25 year old Brit allegedly used "considerable technical expertise" to hack into Facebook's servers.

Student Glenn Steven Mangham from York is currently on trial at Westminster magistrates' court for five charges under the Computer Misuse Act including adapting, supplying or offering to supply  software that ensures users can hack into Facebook's servers.

Mangham was arrested by the Metropolitan Police's Central e-Crime Unit in June this year for "computer hacking offences".

It is alleged that that between April 27 and May 9, Mangham hacked into a Facebook puzzle server that allows developers to test their skills, several times. Furthermore, it is also alleged he attempted to hack into a Facebook mailman server run that manages email distribution lists, as well as trying to gain access to the Facebook phabricator server, which offers tools for third-party app developers.

"This is what can be described as a hacking case," lawyer for the prosecution, Matthew McCabe, said.

While on bail, Mangham has been barred from accessing the web from any device.

"The court feels it will be safer if there was no access to the internet which will reduce the temptation for your son to go on to Facebook," said Judge Nicholas Evans, who is preceding over the case.

Facebook said no personal details had been compromised during the attempt[ted hacks and the social network had been working with Scotland Yard and the FBI as they "take any attempt to hack our internal systems extremely seriously".

According to The Daily Telegraph this is one of the first investigations into a hacking attempt on the social network and detectives were not aware of any hacking attempts "to this extent".