More than one if five (22 percent) of Brits claim they never stray more than 10 feet away from an internet-connected device, says Mozy.

Research of 3,000 employees by the online storage service revealed 23 percent of people work from home at least once a week and more than 90 percent of employees believe flexible working is a great benefit to their company, especially since the average Brit works an extra 3.35 hours per week for free by working from home. However, with just 32 per cent saving data to their corporate networks when working remotely, it's also jeopardising company data with much valuable information being scattered across unprotected personal and remote devices.

"The results of the survey show the lines between work and personal lives increasingly blurring as more and more of us work in our personal time and space as well as carrying out personal tasks in work time and locations," said Claire Galbois-Alcaix from Mozy.

"Both employers and workers appear to benefit but, if workers are only saving data to their laptops, tablets or smartphones, this leaves businesses at significant risk should they be lost, stolen or broken."

Seven in ten Brits admit they are more productive when allowed to work from home and three quarters prefer flexible working to being in the office, with 58 percent claiming it's because they can get more done, while 52 percent said there was no distraction from chatty colleagues.

One in five employees say they have better technology at home that in their office while 22 percent claim to also have faster broadband. Furthermore, 60 percent said they've gone as far as to modify their homes to ensure better working facilities.

"In most cases, the consumerisation of IT and workplace flexibility leads to a more 'switched on' and connected workforce but UK businesses need to ensure they are able to properly back up data when employees are working outside of the office to protect important information from loss," said Galbois-Alcaix.