One in eight Brits has been the victim of online identity fraud, says Verisign.

Research by YouGov for Verisign revealed that despite 82 percent of web users claiming to only buy from sites with enhanced security features, in the past 12 months £2.65bn has been stolen from UK consumers using the web to purchase goods.

On average, web users have £463 stolen following ID theft while 25 percent are still in dispute over reclaiming the money they lost. Verisign also said that those aged 45 to 54 were defrauded most often, accounting for 14 percent of all those affected by ID theft.

"Increasing numbers of cost-conscious consumers are now shopping online, and whilst the rise in online spending is great for online retailers, it opens up a Pandora's Box of security threats," said Richard Hurley, communications manager at UK fraud prevention service CIFAS.

"There are still too many people out there who simply don't know the danger signs to look for when buying online. We're committed to measuring fraud in the UK to raise awareness of this issue, and promise to educate the public with regular campaigns on what they should be looking for before buying online," added Martin Mackay, VeriSign's vice-president.

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