Kodak has today announced that it is to stop making and selling consumer inkjet printers. The company will instead focus on selling paper and toner for its existing printers.

According to a statement issued today Kodak will continue to sell the printers it has already manufactured, but sales will 'wind down' in 2013. Kodak will not now be releasing the Kodak Hero 2.2 and Hero 4.2 printers it had planned to release this week. PC Advisor had seen both of these printers, and was impressed with their build quality and inexpensive running costs.

Kodak said it would continue to supply ink throughout the lifetime of current printers, and will also honour its support commitments.

Kodak was founded in 1889, and is best known for its photographic film products. Despite reputably designing the first digital camera, Kodak has stuggled since the late-1990s as photographic film sales slowed. According to reports Kodak hasn't made a profit since 2007.

In early 2012, Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US and announced that it would cease making digital cameras. The UK company continued to operate as normal, until today's announcement.

The full Kodak announcement is below:

Kodak has announced that as a result of its process to emerge as a growing, profitable and sustainable company, from 2013 onwards it will focus its Consumer Inkjet business on serving its installed based with the sale of ink and paper.  This means that printer sales will wind down in 2013, and more specifically, we will not be launching the latest Hero 2.2 and Hero 4.2 printers as initially planned.

Kodak has successfully built a large base of loyal customers in Europe and will continue to supply ink over the expected lifetime of the printer and for as long as consumer demand remains robust.   We remain committed to existing and new consumersby continuing to provide ink at the lowest average cost per page, and customers and retailers will also continue to receive the same levels of service and support that they have come to expect from Kodak.