YouTube yesterday launched a Kenyan domain name extension at the Tribe Hotel, Nairobi. This will help in accessing, streaming and keeping locally developed edutainment content local and therefore saving the users the cost of accessing locally developed content through expensive international links. Kenyan users will also be able to get local YouTube hits from YouTube searchers through the local domain as and not

Through its partners, YouTube will engage with local communities based in Kenya to consume and stream faster videos that inspire and engage them through mobile technology.

YouTube will also open partnerships with local producers, companies and individuals who produce entertainment and education content. Other than the local content, YouTube will offer some of the most informative and entertaining video content from around the world through a local interface that promotes the content most relevant to Kenyans. As proved by Julius Yego, javelin gold medalist at the 10th All Africa Games in Mozambique who perfected his technique by watching YouTube, there is something on YouTube for everyone. From amateur to professional content, the unexpected to the emotionally affecting, the educational to the entertaining. YouTube provides Kenyans greater flexibility to tell their stories, and find videos most useful to them. Kenya becomes the 2nd country to get such a domain after South Africa.