Books dedicated to computer programming have traditionally been dull and uninspiring affairs, packed full of code that's impenetrable to all but seasoned professionals. Jon Duckett's HTML & CSS: design and build websites aims to change all this. The author, a creative design director, has used his experience to produce a book that's easily accessible to all.

Each chapter is packed full of useful advice that's broken down into bite-sized and easy-to-understand sections. The full colour pages feature simple diagrams and photos, HTML and CSS is colour-coded to make it easier to follow, and large infographics are used to introduce and simplify complex concepts.

The book includes advice on areas such as how to read and write HTML5 and CSS3, prepare images, audio and video for the internet, and search engine optimisation. Each topic also begins on a new page, which makes the book a useful reference that you can quickly flick through.

Published by Wiley, HTML & CSS: design and build websites is available priced £19.99. You can also check out and download a free sample chapter by visiting