Technology can sometimes get in the way of creativity or overwhelm it with its special effects.  However, Korean film makers have come up with a novel use of technology to widen the availability of their films: they are posting links to them as QR codes on the film festival website.

According to, “the festival will take place anywhere in the world where there is internet access, smartphone users and access to the film festival poster”. 

QR codes are short codes for online links that can be accessed from a Google Android or BlackBerry smartphone. It will also be embedded into the next generation of Windows Phone handsets. They have an advantage over web addresses in that you don’t need to remember the URL. 

Instead, you can point a smartphone with a camera on it (and the necessary free reader app) at the small square QR code graphic, verify the link goes where you expect it to, then view whatever content is at the resulting site. This might simply be more details about a product that’s caught your eye; QR codes are increasingly appearing in display advertising and beneath artworks. However, it can just as easily display a map, a video clip hosted at a location online and so on.

The QR Code Film Festival is using exactly this setup to provide trailers of the films included in the showcase. Anyone who wishes to can then view the whole film at their leisure streamed over the web.

A similar technology is also used for scanning barcodes and tracking down the cheapest place to buy the item in question.

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to download the PDF poster of the QR Code festival and to display it in a prominent place where passersby will see it and potentially scan the codes it contains. The QR Code Festival starts today and runs until the end of July.

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