Having entered the digital SLR (single lens reflex) market with its *ist models, Pentax has gone for a more straightforward moniker with its new model.

The Pentax K100D Super is a compact, lightweight digital SLR camera that the company is promoting as an easy camera to use. It is also likely to target the photo enthusiast market, with a price tag that undercuts the £700 of its existing *ist.

The K100D Super will feature shake reduction and will avoid artefacts by keeping dust away from its CCD sensor. Pentax says the Super-Protect coating on the surface of the CCD removes dust and stains. Any dust remaining on the surface will then be shaken off by the high-speed antishake mechanism and adhere to an adhesive sheet at the bottom of the unit.

The K100D Super will have 11 separate sensor points designed to aid composition and clarity when a subject is off-centre.

While some camera manufacturers are upping the megapixel rating of their compact cameras – last month saw Casio and Panasonic announce models that top the 12Mp mark – Pentax is banking on the cachet that digital SLR ownership bestows. The K100D Super is a 6.1Mp model that has a 2.5in 210,000-pixel LCD to preview shots. Users can save images as either Jpegs or as Raw files and store then on a standard SD or an SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card.

The Pentax K100D Super has 19 custom scene modes as well as a default Auto mode and an ISO range of 200 to 3200. The price of the K100D is still to be confirmed but is listed its US site for $600.

Pricing is likely to be below £500 in the UK given the price war that Canon and Nikon have been engaged in with their Nikon D40x and Canon EOS 400D models. Both were incentivised with cashbacks and lens deals in the last few weeks.

Pentax K100D Super

Pentax K100D Super