Many digital photography novices look no further than the megapixel count when buying a new camera, but PC Advisor readers are much harder to please, according to our recent poll.

We asked you what digital camera features are most important to you, and optical zoom range was the clear winner, achieving nearly a third (32.2%) of votes at the time of writing.

It's a wise choice: given the choice between a camera with more optical zoom and one with higher resolution, most camera experts would go with the more powerful zoom lens - it means you won't have to magnify your subject and then use software to crop the image (and discard some of the resolution as a result).

But optical zoom is not the only feature PC Advisor readers look for. In a fairly even distribution of votes, 'Ease of use' came second with 19.4%, while 'Sensor size' and 'Megapixel count' were joint third with 14.5%. Camera size was selected as an important feature by 12.5% of votes, while only 6.9% went for 'video shooting function'.

At the time of writing, 289 people had voted in the poll.

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