Welcome to GeekBytes for November 16, 2011--your roundup of cool stuff delivered in bite-sized chunks.Today we have a definite photography theme. If you want a geeky-looking and useful iPhone case, or some cool camera hacks to test on your old setups, read on.

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iPhone Case Helps Take Lomographic Photos

If you bought an iPhone 4S because of the improvements to the camera, and you also like fiddling with apps like Instagram, this new iPhone case may be right up your alley. The Holga Lens Filter case brings you the effects of the famous Lomography Holga camera, without breaking the bank. It's pretty cool to look at, too. Simply turn the reel and cover the iPhone lens with your desired filter, and you get instant old-school-style, colorful snaps.

Transform Unwanted Cameras Into a Digital Lomo One...

Rather than disposing of all your unwanted cameras, why not take the best parts of each and mergethem into one? That's what Blue Ant Studio has done in creating this digital lomography camera. The camera, named DigiLomo, is incased in a classy wooden and aluminium frame, but its innards are from a five megapixel Vivitar Vivicam and Olympus OM series lens. The result is a selection of beautiful images that aren't far off from those you'll get from an original lomo camera. Check out Blue Ant Studio's blog for photo examples and the process of making DigiLomo.

... Or Into Handy Lights

Do you collect old cameras that don't really work but look beautiful? Jason Hull picked up a load of vintage cameras and added lights to them, making incredible night lights. Jason removed all of the camera's innards, and attached a light and plug. According to Jason, he doesn't transform any camera that's still in good working order, preferring to use those for, you know, taking photos. You can take a look at his camera nightlight collection on Flickr.

Lightbulbs Take a Step Back in Time

Speaking of lights, Panasonic has created an LED lightbulb that is not only efficient, but is cleverly designed--it just won a Good Design Award. Perhaps its success can be attributed to the fact the company went back to basics, Edison style, with the bulb's appearance. Of course, unlike a traditional bulb, it uses less energy as well as being able to withstand being turned on and off a lot more. It also uses clear glass allowing it to emit more light. Get more information on why this bulb is particularly cool and photos on DesignBoom.

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