Word from digital imaging, audio and video software company Roxio today is that for once I'm going to be able to get my photos online for all to see before they go stale.

So rather than boring friends with Christmas snaps this Easter, I'll be able to make them drool over my enormous Easter egg (wrapper) collection.

As someone who takes an inordinate number of snaps (360 on a recent 10-day break to the US, none of which are yet online) but is slack about showing them off, I've generally been able to use the excuse that I'm out of storage space on my chosen photo-sharing site or my email client won't let me send out more than a couple at a time.

The other excuse was what a drain it can be waiting around while carefully chosen and edited photos upload to a website – often one by one at that. Now, though, I'm undone.

Roxio tells me that its EasyMedia Creator 8.0 software has a feature called LiveShare with which I'll be able to let family members link direct to my PC (the whole hard drive's worth, at my invitation) and have a gawp at my digital treasure trove. All that's needed is an emailed link generated by the software.

Guess how I'll be spending my Easter break? Scoffing chocolate eggs like the rest of you, of course.