The Portal videogames by Valve are one of my favorite series of all time. After completing the groundbreaking first game I remember walking around thinking of where I would shoot portals to expedite my route. The long-awaited sequel that came out earlier this year exceeded lofty expectations and left fans wanting even more.

While it would have be easy to imagine a great film adaptation, some fans just couldn't wait for the big studios to figure that out. Fan films can be quaint and ultimately embarrassing at times, but such is not the case with Portal: No Escape. The short film is fun and the production is great; it even had my girlfriend fooled into thinking it was a Hollywood trailer at first. And while YouTube views aren't always the best metric for production quality, the Portal: No Escape was uploaded less than 24 hours ago and has already raked in over a half million views- not bad for a videogame fan film.

[via TekGoblin]