Nope, it's not just you. Adobe's Creative Cloud is down for the count and has been for several hours, after suffering a cascade of escalating issues late Wednesday.

The most recent status update, published 16 hours ago, simply says "We're currently investigating an issue affecting users trying to sign in to Creative Cloud services. We'll update again when we know more." The Creative Cloud homepage says the service is currently undergoing maintenance, simply imploring subscribers to check back later.

While desktop applications that have already been downloaded should continue to work--though Twitter reports say that too is hit-and-miss--you can't log into your Creative Cloud account, nor can you download applications or manage subscriptions from the Creative Cloud website. Some users report that fonts are also down, though the Creative Cloud status page flags "Files, fonts, and settings sync" as online.

Adobe ditched software licenses to go all-in on Creative Cloud subscriptions last May, to the chagrin of many users who didn't want their ability to tinker with local files tied so intricately to the whims of an Internet connection. Surprise! Those unhappy people are out in full disgruntled force today.

If you're having trouble working, several Twitter users offered the following workaround.