More than four in five (83 percent) of all photos taken last year remain in digital format, says

Research by the online storage firm of 1,990 Brits revealed that 17 percent of pictures snapped last year have been printed as hard copies. Of the Brits that did print copies of their digital photos, 67 percent said it was so they could share them with friends and family. Furthermore, over half (52 percent) believe it's important to print images in a physical form, despite the fact that on the whole this didn't take place in 2011.

Nearly two thirds (62 percent) of Brits aim to use their digital camera at least once a month, while on average 34 images are snapped on any one occasion when using a digital camera.

"Digital cameras have certainly paved the way for photography to be easier than ever, and I think that it would be safe to say that the vast majority of adults in the UK now own a digital camera of some sort, including their mobile phones," said Rebecca Huggler, co-founder of

"While it is easy to just keep images on your computer, you can never truly enjoy them in that form. We'd recommend that people make the most out of their treasured snaps and create albums, books or even products with them; otherwise, they may remain trapped, unseen, on your hard drive forever."