PC enthusiasts can't help but love case mod. Few may do them, but many gawk at the crazy creations coming out of enthusiasts' basements, garages, factories, and laboratories.

These mad scientists of the PC world strive to find new ways to present a common computer in a unique - and often awesome - light.

Sometimes they build their computers as teddy bears; sometimes as liquid-immersed creations that are two parts fish tank, one part refrigerator. But no matter what the theme, you can bet that case mods are going to be just a bit more creative than your average vendor system.

Join us as we explore 15 of the coolest (and craziest) mods.

The Toaster PC

Adam Bertram's classic modification of a desktop system into an actual toaster won't give you perfectly browned bread in the morning, but it does offer a great way to hide a kitchen PC in plain sight.

The specs aren't particularly impressive - the system is built around a VIA M9000 motherboard and offers 40GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. But it also offers an internal TV tuner, a DVD drive and a wireless network card to keep cable clutter to a minimum. You won't get much heavy lifting done, but the Toaster PC is a novel approach to fitting a low-power, wireless computer into a tight space.

Photo: The Toaster PC

Intel Ice

At first glance, [H]ardForum user jjsky5000 has come up with an innovative method for cooling his custom system - encasing the entire rig in a giant block of ice. Alas, the 'Intel Ice' mod actually consists of an Intel Atom-based system housed in a block of plastic resin.

While the mod is still a work in progress, jjsky5000 hopes to craft a decidedly different take on the home media server. The effect is already rather convincing, offering sub-zero chic without the subsequent puddles.

Photo: jjsky5000 at [H]ard|Forum

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