Australian metal products manufacturer Williams United has launched a new business unit, Williams 3D.

It will provide 3D printing services, also known as additive manufacturing, to Australian businesses.

Williams United managing director, Dean Williams, said 3D printing had the potential to completely change the face of manufacturing.

"Highly complex prototypes can now be designed and printed in a matter of hours, small quantities can be produced cheaply and easily and potential design flaws can be eliminated early on. That all adds up to considerable time and cost savings for businesses," Williams said. "Williams 3D will offer clients a full concept to production service, including a dedicated designer and project management."

Williams 3D has ambitious growth plans, and is looking to open a dedicated premises. It offers a range of 3D services including design, scanning, concept models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, end-use parts and surface finishing.

"Australian businesses are just starting to see the potential 3D printing offers. It is still a relatively new concept but I believe it will quickly become a go-to technology," he said. "In the next five years basic 3D printers will be a common occurrence in homes and workplaces."