Janet Kamau, HP's English Africa IWS Category Manager, says the company's TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 printer does not dance in the same space with the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600. These two printers were designed for different customers in Kenya. Janet says the LaserJet Pro M275 will cut the time taken by medium sized Kenyan business owners for instance clothes dealers at bazaars, to take pictures of their products and sell them online.

HP TopShot Laser Jet Pro M275 was launched recently in Kenya and comes with a 3D scanner. Users can scan objects then upload them straight online or decide to print them. The company pulled a "TopShot" reference to this new member of its print family.Well, like the OfficeJet Pro 8600, the LaserJet Pro M275 is an all-in-one's species too with a high resolution camera, which combines six images (three with flashes from different angles, and three in ambient light conditions with different exposure levels) to mimic a studio-like product shot.

For some reason, the company feels Kenyan small businesses need to scan 3D images and push them online. As if that is not enough with the Biz Card app, the TopShot can scan and import multiple business cards simultaneously. Biz Card is just one of the many business Apps that help businesses streamline workflows conveniently, and enable web-connected printing. They are special print applications available exclusively to HP web-enabled printing devices that users can access from the touch screen control panel. Apps connect the web and the device in an altogether new and seamless way. These apps make printing faster, simpler, and more useful than ever.

There will be no need for users to access their PC, they can access their archived documents and print them right from their device, upload scans to the web, print onlineforms, and read the news.The event provided the media a chance to learn two or three things about HP's new hardware and software innovations across the IPG portfolio Which are enabling 3D Scanning and easy printing from virtually anywhere with web enabled products and printing solutions. In the past, getting an image ready for use on the web or in marketing materials required a lot of time and effort.

Now, HP TopShot Scanning does all the work. Users simply raise the camera arm to the fully open position, place a document or 3-D object face up on the capture stage, and initiate scanning from theprovided HP Scan software or a third-party scanning application.With no lid to get in the way, small items such as receipts or business cards stay right where they are placed, to acheive the expected results.

HP's proprietary image processing technology offers uniformity and color accuracy every time you scan--no special lighting conditions required. Turn scanned text into editable and searchable files with Readiris Pro OCR software. With optical character recognition, you can access better and modify paper-based information when it is scanned.