Fujifilm's FinePix REAL 3D W1 camera may look like a normal digital camera, but it has two lenses and two sensors to allow it to take 3D photos.

What Fujifilm calls the UK's first 3D digital camera will be available in the UK in September and will cost £570 - although to view the images in all their glory you'll have to shell out the best part of a grand.

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FujiFilm unveiled the £570 3D camera today on at a Tokyo event. A processor within the camera uses the duplicate lenses and sensors to blend two images together to create an "image that jumps out at you", according to Fujifilm's Theo Georghiades.

Users can then view the ‘3D' images on the camera's 2.8in screen. Want to view your three-dimensional images somewhere other than the back of the camera? Then you must buy an 8in digital photo frame that will set you back a further £390.

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There is a cheaper option.

To have hard copies of the 3D images, users can send them to Japan to be printed on lenticulated paper.

3D has rapidly become a media buzzword, with many movies being produced and show in special three-dimentional prints that require 3D glasses. However this is largely to prevent piracy, and it remains to be seen what sort of market there is for a product as expensive as the FinePix REAL 3D W1.

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