A leading online retailer today warned UK consumers to be wary of purchasing the Apple iPad from unscrupulous web stores.

Brian Trevaskiss of More Computers told PC Advisor that legitimate online stores currently have no iPads to sell, and no way of knowing when Apple will free up the supply chain. He added that customers shouldn't trust stores if they claim to have iPads 'in stock'.

As a consequence, Trevaskiss believes that iPad purchasers could face a long wait if they part with their money at the wrong place, although there's no suggestion that any stores would fail to fulfil the sale in the end.

"Like a lot of people we're keen to get our hands on Apple's iPads, but the truth is none of the reputable UK distributors have any stock or can even give any indication as to when stock might be available," Trevaskiss said.

"If you see an iPad online 'in stock', I'd be very wary."

It's possible that retailers could source iPads from the US, of course, but this should be made clear at the point of purchase. So what's the best advice for consumers keen to get their hands on Apple's latest gadget?

"Like a lot of things online if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn't true at all," said Trevaskiss. "As and when the UK iPad stock is available and guaranteed, we'll be amongst the first to start selling them, we've even set up MoreiPads.co.uk, our dedicated iPad shop."

The Apple iPad is available to pre-order from Apple's online store, and from Apple's high street stores from tomorrow. Currys, Dixons and PC World will also stock the device. For full pricing, and details of how to buy an Apple iPad see our Apple iPad FAQs.

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