Two US companies, Dial2Do and Bluetrek, this week launched the Concerto: a bluetooth headset that uses Dial2Do software to allow users to email, text, make memos and access social networking sites using voice activation alone.

With the Concerto, launched at the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, users utilise a voice-activated messaging platform to dial a network access number, thus accessing Dial2Do's Hands-Free Assistant. From there they are able to send, listen to and reply to emails and texts using only vocal commands.

They can even access social-networking sites such as Twitter.

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Hands-Free Assistant is already available in the US for users of any compatible voice-activated device. Dial2Do says it will soon be available in more than 20 countries including the UK.

The Dial2Do-enabled BlueTrek Concerto will be available in the US in March, for around $90.

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