What do you buy the PC modder who has everything (well, an Intel Core i7 chip)? How about memory that's so perfect it's hand made by a legendary overclocker called Bachuus, then rolled on the thighs of an Amazonian virgin (the last bit is made up).

At the CeBIT tradeshow, Corsair is showing off its Dominator GT RAM. This is hand-made memory, taking only the top 20% of 2000C7GT chips, hand screening each to select only the best, then screening the modules. This is not memory, this is Marks and Spencer memory. I mean Corsair. (Visit Upgrade Advisor for more on components and upgrades.)

The clever bit is the cooling, which involves a solid-state 'Pelt' heatsink, and a little gizmo that keeps the memory below the ambient temperature, but above the point where moisture forms. It is, simply, the best that money can buy. And that's good, because the money required is about $500.

Given that Corsair is also showing off its first ever case, which is similarly specced and blinged up to the max, and that, you know, people are skint right now, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the company's gone bonkers. I mean, Corsair makes flash drives, right?

Corsair case

The Corsair case. Extreme

Well, yeah, but Corsair wants to be perceived as a premium brand, and the margins are bigger at the top of the market. And the kind of people who buy Corsair memory simply have to have the best, regardless of cost.

If you want úber memory, then ask Corsair. But be prepared to wait. The company can make only five modules week.