Printers don't tend to change dramatically as manufacturers refresh their lines, unlike mobile phones for example. It's understandable. Improving the bulky, noisy, temperamental printer is no simple undertaking.

But some designers are hard at work on the next generation of printers, including models that can prepare food for you, paint your nails, or snap onto the back of your laptop.

Have a peek at how printers may change if these futuristic units attract a following.

Environmental pencil printer

The environmentally friendly Pencil Printer concept from designers Hoyoung Lee, Seunghwa Jeong and Jin-young Yoon uses black pencil lead (graphite) instead of toner, which means that users can easily correct mistakes with a rubber eraser, and can recycle paper quickly.

See it in action.

Image courtesy of Yank Design

iMo Foto Frame printer

Combining the best of both worlds, the iMo Foto Frame Printer from Mimo Monitors is an 8in digital photo frame and a standalone printer with USB and memory card slots.

The iMo Foto Frame Printer has a display resolution of 800x600 pixels, prints 6x4in glossy photos, and will set you back $200 (£132).

Images courtesy of Mimo Monitors.

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