Netgear has integrated StorageCraft's disaster recovery software into its new ReadyRECOVER backup appliance.

Netgear A/NZ managing director, Brad Little, said StorageCraft's ShadowProtect enables snapshots as full recovery points while only consuming a minimal amount of storage.

"What we're seeing from SMBs in A/NZ is a growing need for cost-effective backup appliances that can alleviate businesses of the burden of assembling their own solution, freeing up more of the time to work on what matters to them, namely running their businesses," he said.

Businesses may want backup and recovery solutions to be cost-effective, though Little said they also need to be easy to implement and manage.

This is something Netgear is attempting with ReadyRECOVER.

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"It combines the best enterprise-class features of ReadyDATA and StorageCraft's ShadowProtect software with a level of simplicity that will suit the needs of local SMBs," he said.

Securing SMBs

ReadyRECOVER is primarily aimed at SMBs, and has been designed to run exclusively with Netgear's ReadyDATA line-up of storage appliances.

The backup appliance creates full backups of servers, desktops and laptops every 15 minutes, which can then be used to restore files, folders, databases or systems to any platform, physical or virtual.

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StorageCraft Asia Pacific vice president, Greg Wyman, said the inclusion of ShadowProtect means an entire system, including Windows, and all settings and data, can be captured in a snapshot for a rapid, full system recovery.

"The ReadyDATA delivers a tight integration with ShadowProtect that enables Netgear to deliver a turnkey appliance for fast recovery when needed," he said.

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