Intel has this week launched a brand new type of processor called the Ivy Bridge. It's set to change an awful lot in the world of PC components. But what actually is 'new' and 'exciting' about the new chips? Here are a selection of articles that will inform you as to what you need to know about Intel's Ivy Bridge processors.

Intel Ivy Bridge review

By Paul Monckton

We tested the Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770K processor. Our Ivy Bridge review shows that Intel's new Core processors offer improvements in performance and power efficiency... See also Yoyotech Warbird XTi review.

Intel launches Ivy Bridge processors

By Chris Martin

Intel has released its Ivy Bridge family of quad-core processors. The chips are the third generation of Core processors, succeeding the Sandy Bridge range...

Intel releases Ivy Bridge: New Mac models coming soon?

By Roman Loyola

Intel on Monday unveiled the Ivy Bridge processor family, the third generation in the company's line of Core processors...

Intel Ivy Bridge processors tested

By Koen Crijns

New Intel Ivy Bridge i5 and i7 processors tested, vs Sandy Bridge and AMD chips...

Intel Ivy Bridge 7-series motherboards tested

By Koen Crijns

What's the best Intel Ivy Bridge-ready motherboard for your PC? Twenty Z77 motherboards tested...

13 Quad-Core Intel Ivy Bridge Chips Expected

By Ian Paul

Intel's new Ivy Bridge chips are expected Monday, promising significant improvements in speed and power usage plus built-in USB 3.0 support all wrapped in a smaller package compared to Intel's current Sandy Bridge chips...

Acer ships desktops with quad-core Ivy Bridge chips

By Agam Shah

Acer on Monday started shipping desktops that are among the first PCs available with Intel's third-generaton Core processors, code-named Ivy Bridge...

Ivy Bridge graphics kills budget graphics cards

By Loyd Case

Our Ivy Bridge graphics tests show that with the introduction of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, new PCs really don't need entry-level graphics cards anymore. Budget graphics cards are no longer required...