HP has announced innovations for its Converged Storage portfolio that provide for a single architecture for all sizes of client deployments.

This is a new storage concept that enables a single-system architecture to exist in several forms, shapes and sizes from low to high, but retains common data services for block, object and file applications.

"Legacy storage vendors are simply not equipped to help organizations respond to new workloads, and bolting on new features to old architectures has created a nightmare. HP's unique set of Converged Storage innovations helps clients simplify infrastructure and reduce costs with a common architecture across storage segments and categories," said Neelam Dhawan, VP and GM, Enterprise Group and Country Managing Director, HP India.

In 2011, HP announced Converged Storage to address legacy storage limitations exposed by the growth of human information, infrastructure convergence and the emergence of IT-as-a-Service datacenters.

Among the new solutions introduced include HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, HP StoreAll Storage and HP StoreOnce Backup product offerings.

The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage is a mid-range quad-controller platform offering tier-1 storage availability and quality-of-service features. Supporting both block and file data services, the system is available with HDD and SSD or as an all-SSD configuration capable of performing more than 320,000 input/output operations per second--2.4 times that of a similarly priced competitive array. The HP StoreServ 7200 is available globally immediately, starting at $20,000. HP StoreServ 7400 starts at $32,000, while HP Priority Optimization will be available in 2013.

The HP StoreAll Storage, a scalable platform for object and file data access, provides an environment for big data retention and cloud storage that reportedly reduces the need for additional administrators or hardware. HP StoreAll Storage is expected to be available globally on Dec. 20, with a pricing of USD 0.91 per GB.

HP StoreOnce 2000 and 4000 Backup, with support for HP StoreOnce Catalyst software, provides data movement and deduplication. HP StoreOnce 6200 Backup systems are available worldwide immediately for a starting price of $250,000. HP StoreOnce 2000 Backup systems start at $10,000 and HP StoreOnce 4000 Backup systems start at $30,000. HP StoreOnce Catalyst Software licenses start at $500.

HP also announced some new services for clients as well. The Technology service that will help optimize HP StoreOnce performance and speed transition from HP Enterprise Virtual Array to HP 3PAR Storage. HP Storage Management Services integrate HP 3PAR StoreServ, HP StoreAll and HP StoreOnce Storage to offer HP's new storage technology to enterprise clients with systems management expertise and operational best practices.