SMX has appointed former Earthquake Commission Hamilton technology leader, Paul Willard, to vice- president of operations.

He will be responsible for managing service delivery to SMX's growing network of local and international market partners and resellers.

SMX co-founder and chief technology officer, Thom Hooker, said the appointment is strategic, as SMX services a rapidly growing channel network across multiple geographies.

"Paul Willard understands cloud services from both the supplier and end-user perspective," said Hooker. "His experience at EQC is also valuable, as SMX's share of New Zealand government sector cloud email security tops 60 percent and continues to grow rapidly."

Willard said he was excited by the opportunity to work for a New Zealand company right at the cutting edge of Cloud email hosting and security services.

"The people at SMX have drunk the Kool-Aid - they love the company and believe in it," he said. "Technically SMX is excellent - a truly world-class Cloud service right at the cusp of major international growth.

"I am very much enjoying the challenge. I have a good understanding of what resellers need from a business perspective. I understand what it's like to be a reseller in the SaaS market. And I think I have a good handle on how to make their job easier with efficient processes and outstanding support."