Sony gave a demonstration of its digital media hub in Tokyo.

The nasne is part of Sony's new strategy of providing a uniform experience across its different product lines.

It records and stores TV and cable on its 500 GB harddrive, then streams content wirelessly to Sony computers, phones, tablets and game consoles.

The device provides high-speed access to program information over a wireless network.

TV content is controlled by using a connected PlayStation game console.

Skipping through recorded shows is easy with a feature that automatically provides thumbnails of different scenes.

Up to four of the devices can be used together, to record multiple shows at the same time.

Basic playback and recording controls are also available on Sony's tablets...

...and its latest Xperia phones.

An app for the PlayStation Vita is due out by the end of this year.

Currently mobile devices can only view streamed content on a home network, but the company is working on saving local copies of content.

While some features work on non-Sony devices, the company makes no guarantees, and the device is meant as a hub for its products.

The nasne will go on sale in Japan in June 19 for ¥16,980, or about  250 US dollars.
Sony is still undecided about sales outside of Japan.

It is a follow-up to an external TV tuner for PlayStation consoles, called the "to-ru-ne" in Japan and "PlayTV in Europe.

The product is being developed and rolled out by the company's game division, Sony Computer Entertainment.

For IDG News Service in Tokyo, this is Jay Alabaster.