Universities across the country will soon be able to purchase networking equipment and consultancy services via a new national framework that is being launched by the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium.

The value of the contract is likely to reach as much as £60 million and last for two years, with the option to extend by two further one year periods.

The multi-supplier managed framework will list goods and services that include networking equipment, installation, maintenance, repair, project work and consultancy.

Universities will also be able to purchase from lots either dedicated to small or medium sized networking projects (worth up to £1 million in value) or large networking projects (worth in excess of £1 million in value).

Networking equipment currently listed on the agreement includes the typical routers, switches and hubs, but also mentions IP security systems and IP video products.

Suppliers interested in participating in the tender process have until the 23rd August to submit their requests. It is hoped that the contract will go live in December of this year.