Building Minecraft renditions of real-life objects is tedious work, but it doesn't have to be. An upcoming iOS app called DekkoScan lets you create a 3D rendering of practically any real-life item, then import the model into the computer version of Minecraft.

Take a photo of any real-world object, and the app scans it and puts it onto a 3D grid, using your device's gyroscope and other sensors to figure out where to place it in space. The result is a "cubified" version of the real-world item in question. When you tap the Generate button, the app packages the model in a file that you can then plop into your Minecraft world.

The app, created by San Francisco-based studio Dekko, is currently in the midst of the App Store review process, but the company expects it to hit the store any day now. Best not tellthese guys.

[Reddit via Polygon]

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