London buses free Wi-Fi

Transport for London (Tfl) has announced that it is testing out free Wi-Fi on London buses.

Public transport in London could about to be a whole lot more attactrive with free internet access on buses – not just the Underground. Tfl is doing a trial on two London buses so users can check emails, use social networks and browse the web on devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. See also: Three customers gain free London Underground Wi-Fi.

"It is hoped that if the trial is successful that sponsors would be found to enable it to be rolled out to further buses in the fleet allowing passengers to do more on our services, whether going to work, home or for a night out.  A sponsorship would enable the technology to be delivered at no additional cost to taxpayers or passengers," said Tfl.   

If you want to seek out these two Wi-Fi enabled buses then one is a route 12 between Dulwich and Oxford Circus and the other is a route RV1 between Covent Garden and Tower Hill.

The firm is also testing out a technology which analyses the CCTV system to tell travellers whether there are available seats on the upper deck. You'll find it on a route 141 bus, which operates between Palmers Green and London Bridge.

Last but not least, new passenger information screens have been fitted to two route 12 buses. They provide real time progress on a localised map, previous and next stops, anticipated time of arrival, and details of nearby transport interchanges.

Simon Reed, head of technical services group at Tfl, said: "Innovation is a key theme of the Year of the Bus and we have worked with our suppliers to find new and innovative ways to further improve the experience of our passengers. These trials will establish whether this technology provides genuine benefits to people on the move."

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