Telecom is expanding its Ultra Fibre services to Canterbury, via UFB partner Enable.

The company announced yesterday that more than 100 residential and business customers in Canterbury are now piloting Ultra Fibre, in preparation for a full commercial launch in early 2014.

Before Enable, Telecom's Ultra Fibre sales had been limited to areas within the Chorus UFB footprint. According to the firm, over the past fortnight, Ultra Fibre has been 'switched on' in Whakatane, Oamaru, Masterton and Gisborne.

The company also stated that in November, nearly 1300 customers signed up for Ultra Fibre, making it the highest month of sales since Telecom entered the UFB market in March.

Telecom CEO Retail Chris Quin commented: "If anything, the recent national attention on the UFB rollout is increasing consumer awareness about what UFB can offer -- and encouraging more consumers who live in UFB-enabled areas to take advantage of the speed and reliability benefits."

Telecom's monthly Data Insights report states that average home broadband usage is now 34 GB per month, up 89 per cent in the past year, and average usage by ultra broadband customers (using Fibre or VDSL technology) is almost three times higher, at 80-90GB per month.

"As ultra broadband customers tend to be 'early adopters', this gives us a sense of what data usage by Kiwis across the board will be like in the near future," said Quin.

Telecom now has almost 6,000 customers on Ultra Fibre or awaiting connection.