NetIQ expects technology to get further embedded in our daily lives in 2015.

Solution strategy director, Geoff Webb, said this trend will change the assumptions people have about identity, security and privacy.

"In 2014 we saw the initial versions of highly-connected homes and cars, and this will lead to an explosion in wearable technology and medical technology," he said.

Webb foresees the technology embedded in our lives, as well as the way people address identity, security and privacy, to change the way businesses build and market products and services.

The year of more technology

The next year is also expected to bring a greater number of smart products and connected devices.

The trend will be accompanied by an "explosion in the volume of data" that is generated from all of these devices becoming interconnected.

"Technology will take on new and more permanent, pervasive role in our everyday lives," Webb said.

New products and services will also introduce deeper levels of engagement with customers and partners, and Webb predicts new business models and entire industries will be created.

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"We should expect to see the new seeds of all of this kind of activity planted in 2015 and a rapid uptick as we go through the year," he said.

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